ΩMEGA MAN 201X – A photographic tale of the beginning of the century (2009)


The photographic series OMEGA MAN 201X, is the answer we are trying to give to the question: can the territory reflect the moods of modern man? And if so, to what extent and how one affects each other? Through the installation of photographs taken in three different geographical areas, a story is constructed in which the man, and the space in which it is caught, are the one a reflection of the other. What relationship the human being sets with the territory in extreme and undefined situations? It is the passage of time and the inexorable action of nature, or man himself, the reason of his own downfall?

The dry landscape, the toxic atmosphere, and the omnipresent ruins are common elements of different topographies. The desertification of the spaces is the wild-goose chase that originates from the anxiety of finding something solid between ruins and rubble. The diversification of the places is only defeat; lost man, modern nomadic soul, post-apocalyptic survivor: necessary nicknames to define an individual who seeks, but is doomed not to find.

The project

The title of this series is a tribute to the science fiction films of the ’70s. More specifically it refers to the film The Omega Man​​, directed by Boris Sagal, turn adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel Last Man on Earth. Both works tell of the difficulties faced by the only survivor of a bacteriological holocaust, last witness of a -now devastated- Technological Age.

The construction of OMEGA MAN 201X is defined in the base of aesthetic criteria of the aforementioned film, deepening both in geomorphological elements and highlighting – with the “X” in the title – a temporary ambiguity alerting us about the human condition and its expiration date.

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